An Empowerment Center for Individuals & Families

The Mary Randall Center is a daytime drop-in center that focuses on skill development, deepening spirituality, and hospitality services for people experiencing homelessness

In August, 2007 Meeting Ground purchased a building in the heart of Elkton to use as a new model of being Church together.

The Mary Randall Center is the first step for many on the path from shelter to home. It is an empowerment center and a place for the formation of faith community. A place where ALL people may find the means to new life, restored dreams, and living hope through right relationships.


The Mary Randall Center

Opportunities for a Better Life

Through the Mary Randall center, we connect people with resources to help them transition from being homeless, such as medical services and job assistance. We also provide opportunities to build personal and professional skills, as well as opportunities to develop community and spirituality.

We help those who are living in isolation from the community to find transitional and permanent housing. After finding permanent housing, we provide support and a sense of community so they are able to continue staying in their housing, when they would not be able to otherwise.

Services provided by the Mary Randall Center:
  • A place to shower, wash clothing, charge cell phones
  • Mailbox services
  • Case management
  • Individual and group activities to build personal and professional skills
  • Discussions that address the causes of homelessness
  • Bible Study and spiritual reflection

Promoting Jobs and Training at the Mary Randall Center

Additional resources for those in the center include job applications, job openings, and various workshops.

About Mary Randall

The Visioning Committee of the churches joined with the decision of Meeting Ground's board to name the new house in honor of Mary Randall, and her spirit of dedication and desire to be of greater service to persons of our community in need.

Mary died from cancer on April 15, 2006 at the young age of 60 with a heart yearning to do more. Mary's sister Sara Mullin and her husband Rig, friends and partners in this ministry for many years, dedicated a generous seed-gift from Mary's estate toward the purchase of the building.

Contact Information

Mary Randall Center
401 North St.
Elkton, MD 21921

To volunteer, please contact:

Ways to Help
  • Donate cleaning products, hygiene products or household goods
  • Lead educational workshops for our guests
  • Assist us with lawn care and landscaping
  • Provide basic computer skills training to our guests
  • Serve as an on-call volunteer

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