Help Meeting Ground End Homelessness

You can help a person or family on the path from shelter to home!

Our desire to end homelessness and poverty is inherent in our mission, but we must constantly seek the support of loyal partners and friends. We use hundreds of volunteers and a large amount of in-kind donated goods and services to accomplish our work. This means that your dollar given is multiplied 3 times in the help it offers to homeless families in our community.

2014 Appeal: Support the Path Home!

Will you support someone on the Path from Shelter to Home?

In 2013, Meeting Ground helped over 200 men, women, and children on their path from shelter to home. This winter, Meeting Ground has been housing an average of 100 people per night at the Emergency Rotating Shelter, Wayfarer's House, the Cecil County Men's Shelter, and the George Porter House.

Your support provides shelter, food, and other basic human needs to our area's most vulnerable populations. Will you help someone along the Path from Shelter to Home?

Please click “Join Us” to create a personalized fundraising webpage, set a personal fundraising goal, and encourage your friends to contribute through a secure online payment.

You can also make a general donation online by clicking the "Donate Now" button.

Make an Online Donation

Online Donations via Visa and Mastercard

Donate Online

Send cash or checks to:

Meeting Ground
P.O. Box 808
Elkton, MD 21922

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Lori at 410-620-3128.

Meeting Ground is a Maryland non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are deductible for IRS tax purposes. Receipts are promptly sent for all donations received.

Give through United Way

United Way

If you would like to contribute to Meeting Ground through your local United Way, please use the donor codes, especially designated for Meeting Ground:

  • United Way of Cecil County, Maryland
    Designate: Meeting Ground, P.O. Box 808, Elkton, MD 21922
    (Call 410-398-7572 with questions)
  • United Way of Delaware – Code #2731
    (call 302-573-3712 with questions)
  • United Way of Southeastern PA – Code #5211
    (Call 215-665-2598 with questions)
  • United Way of Tri-State (NYC) – Code #032079
    (call 1-800-255-0418 with questions)

Donate Stock

Donate stock and other securities by electronic transfer or delivery of stock certificate(s).

The actual amount of your donation is determined by the actual date the stock was transferred, and you will be notified by your broker and by us as to the exact value of the gift for tax purposes.

For more information on donating stock, please contact us at 410-620-4701 or

Endowment Fund

The Meeting Ground Endowment Fund was founded to provide a steady supplemental income to the operating budget of Meeting Ground.

Through development of an additional means of long-term financial support, we can ensure the continuation of Meeting Ground.

Gifts to the Meeting Ground Endowment Fund can be mailed to:

Meeting Ground Endowment Fund
C/O Endowment Committee
P.O. Box 808
Elkton, MD 21922

In-Kind Gifts

We need gifts of goods and services

Please download the Complete List of Needed Items.

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